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Seminole Group - Coal

Coal is the Largest Known Fuel Source on Earth

Coal is a fuel formed from fossils of plant remains that were preserved by water and mud. Coal is usually black but sometimes is a brownish-black rock. Coal is composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen and includes smaller quantities of other types of elements such as sulfur. Coal is mined either by underground mining or open pit mining which is surface mining.

Coal is, by far, the largest source of fuel for electricity throughout the world. Coal is also the culprit of the largest output of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that has been contributing to the changes in our climate. As for greenhouse emissions, coal ranks number one, second is petroleum, and last would be natural gas. Coal being the number one source of fuel for electricity makes it the number one target commodity in the field of energy. Coal can be refined to cleaner burning coal products, and most of the same products which comes from refined petroleum, yet coal burns cleaner from its refined products.

Steam coal is any coal suitable for use under steam boilers. Steam coals cover a broad range of coal classifications and ranks. Steam coals with different properties are often mixed together. In this way the high reactivity of the lower ranking coal can be combined with the higher fuel ratio of the higher ranks to form a blend to be used in the boilers.